The Plot Thickens with Melissa Cutler
Jan 20 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

The Plot Thickens with Melissa Cutler


Are you new to writing and the idea of plotting a book feels like a daunting task? Or perhaps you’re a veteran writer with the growing sense that you’ve already used every possible plot point under the sun in your previous books and you need a fresh shot of inspiration. Most of us have a natural instinct about how to craft a story’s plot—after all, we’ve been reading, hearing, and watching stories our whole lives. But what might seem at first like second-nature can come to a screeching halt—or a lackluster fizzle—partway through writing your own fictional story. In this plotting masterclass, participants will learn practical tools for plotting stories that they can put into action immediately to banish their story’s saggy middle and create a plot that sizzles all the way to THE END.

This Workshop Will Cover:

  • Central Conflict
  • Character Arcs
  • Incorporating Secondary Characters and Plots
  • Strategies for Making Fresh and Dynamic Plotting Choices
  • How to Incorporate Backstory Without Boring Your Readers
  • Plotting Tips for Pantsers
  • Building Your Own Plotting Dream Team

Melissa Cutler is a former high school English teacher turned published author with St. Martin’s Press, Berkley, Kensington Books, and Harlequin. After many years of honing her romance writing skills and racking up more than 150 rejections from agents and editors, she sold four books in five days to two separate New York publishers and landed her dream agent. In the five years since, she’s gone on to sell seventeen books and she’s just getting warmed up. Her latest release is ONE WILD NIGHT in her popular ONE AND ONLY TEXAS Series from St. Martin’s Press. You can learn more about Melissa and her books at