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October 2, 2017 – October 25, 2017 all-day
Online class.

Dream Up An Answer

with Kristina Mull


Are you stuck like a fly on flypaper? Like gum on your shoe? Like a bad song jingle in your head? Or worse? Is your editor breathing down your neck waiting for you to finish your next bestseller? Or, are you your own worst enemy, and expect everything that flows out of your fingertips to be perfectly brilliant from the start?

Don’t you wish you could just…sleep on it?

You can, and you should. Your dreams are the key to unlocking all the creativity that’s bottled up inside you. You just need to figure out where you hid the lock.

In this 4 week course, you will get an overview of what dreams are, how to keep a dream journal, how to use your dreams to enhance your creativity and suggestions on implementing your dreams into your writing.  There will be some fun dream projects to work on, and a couple of prizes.

So, get in your jammies, grab a blanket and dream up a solution to that plot dilemma!

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Since a young age, I’ve been able to lucid dream (be “awake” in a dream).  I didn’t know everyone else wasn’t doing it and when I found that out, I wanted to help them so they could do it too.  I’m simply amazed by the power of our minds, and the magic we all manifest when we close our eyes.

I worked in the Casino Gaming world as a graphic artist for almost twenty years, but am now a freelance graphic artist and romance author (I write under Kay Phoenix). I have degrees in both Graphic Arts and Psychology.

I hope that sharing my personal journey and creative methods help you along your path inward. Please contact me with any questions or comments about anything that you find on this site or in the materials.



Kristina Mull



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