ONLINE: Self-Publishing: “Where the Heck Do I Start?”

August 1, 2017 – August 29, 2017 all-day
Online Class



You’ve written the book. You’ve decided to jump into the pond and self-publish. But you have no idea what to do next, how to send your baby off into the world alone. Relax. That’s what this class is here to share with you. Four weeks of lessons that will set you up to take the next steps.

Lessons will include: definitions of terms you’re going to hear; explanations of subjects such as branding and distribution; how to use social media, loops, signature lines and peripherals; what to expect from the industry professionals you decide to hire; covers and copyright pages explained; series vs serial vs stand alone; and much, much more.

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Award winning author, Kathryn Jane is known for rising to a challenge, whether it’s training for a pilot’s license, facing down cancer, training cantankerous horses or writing that first novel.
Her personal tales of adventure include momentarily misplacing a thoroughbred filly inside a 747 at thirty thousand feet, planning the evacuation of over fifty horses in the path of an approaching wildfire, and being volunteered to represent her peers in a public speaking venue.
In the novels she writes, Kathryn keeps her heroines busy surviving life threatening adventures, or soul searching personal journeys, while they are doggedly determined to not fall in love with men they really don’t need. Think modern-day white knights, and reluctant, self-sufficient damsels.
In spite of ridiculous odds, every story has a happy ending, with both halves of a couple coming to terms with love and all its complications.
Kathryn lives in a cozy cottage in the Pacific Northwest with a pair of tuxedo cats, and a faithful dog to keep the man of her dreams company as she writes page turning, steamy tales of love, mystery, and adventure.

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