ONLINE: Writing Believable Reporters with Anna Hague

May 8, 2017 – May 19, 2017 all-day
Online class

“The fist pounding on my desk dissipated my tropical daydream into the stark reality of how near I stood to the unemployment line. “Damn it, where’s that story,” my editor screams into my face—coffee and cigarette breath causing my stomach to revolt. “If you don’t get me something by 5 p.m., start looking for another job.”


Gag. Eye roll. OMG. I’ve read the scenario in countless novels and watched the whole ridiculous scene in too many movies.

Reporters are generally portrayed as two types: 1. Low-life, obnoxious human who will do anything for a story, or 2. The reporter’s very existence depends upon the completion of a story that will forever change his or her life.

Both types are usually inaccurate.

The path to create a reporter as a believable and interesting character is to understand what really happens in newsrooms, both dailies and weeklies, cities and small towns. All are different. All serve a different audience. All have different needs. All have different rules.

In this class, you’ll learn everything you need to know to write a believable reporter, including:

  1. Learning why reporters do what they do. The pay is worse than teacher’s salaries.
  2. Establishing the difference between dailies and weeklies.
  3. Understanding the job descriptions of reporters, photographers, editors, copy editors, and freelancers.
  4. Learning the nuts and bolts of a reporter’s daily life.
  5. Establishing working relationships with sources.
  6. Understanding how a woman reporter differs from a man, and how to navigate that forest.

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Anna Hague is the instructor for this course. For the last twenty-five years Anna has worked as a reporter for various newspapers including a mid-sized city daily, several small-town weeklies, and she currently works as a freelance sports reporter. Her resume runs the gamut from hard news, police beats, and community news. She has extensive experience in sports reporting which includes all levels of competition from high school to professional sports.

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