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Guest Post by S.E. White

This author online thing can be both the highest obstacle in your path and the biggest blessing you will find.

Writing blog posts? Easier than finding beautiful images to grace them with that won’t then get you sued six ways from Sunday.

Getting 80,000 words + down as a book? Seems like a breeze when you compare it to figuring out how to market that sucker with professional looking images and a great cover.

One of the reasons I’m going to try so hard to get traditionally published before considering self-publishing is my lack of confidence in the media area. Computers and I have an uneasy alliance. My go-to tech support method when the computer is being an asshole is to turn it off and make it think about what it’s done for a while. When that doesn’t work, I am lost at sea. I tell you this to make sure you know that if I can use these websites I’m about to list for you, then you know they are user friendly.

In my wanderings around the webnet I have found resources for images, media/marketing, and Ebook covers that look amazing at a reasonable price. I’d like to share them with you here so that you can get your own book out there covered in chrome plating.

Freesource Stock Photo Websites

Some of these are free of copyright and/or are creative commons public domain and require nothing but pointing and clicking. Some of them ask that you give the source credit (i.e. attribution.) ALWAYS double check the fine print before you go downloading all willy-nilly.

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Guest blog by S.E. White. All opinions and recommendations are hers alone and not necessarily those of the LVRW or RWA. If you want to know more about S.E. White, you can find her and her books here

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